Journal articles written (only a few listed below)


Böhme, C., Bouwer, P., Prinsloo, M.J.,  Pinkmatter Solutions

Real-time stream processing for active fire monitoring on Landsat 8 direct reception data

(2015) International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives, 40 (7W3), pp. 765-770


Bouwer, P., Prinsloo, M.J., Rademeyer, A.I, Rademeyer, Pinkmatter Solutions

Band alignment and orthorectification of satellite images with insufficient attitude- and metadata

(2015) Geomatics Indaba Proceedings 2015 - Stream 2


Böhme, C., Goosen, S., Lück, W., Prinsloo, M.J., Pinkmatter Solutions

A light-weight distributed processing and data handling system for emerging space

(2014) 65th International Astronautical Congress, Toronto, Canada - IAC-14.B1.4.2


Schwartze, S., Böhme, C., Bouwer, P., Lück, W., Schomakers, M., Pinkmatter Solutions

Automated landsat product generation: Integrating the USGS's open source LPGS system with a multi-mission ordering and production system

(2011) 62nd International Astronautical Congress 2011, IAC 2011, 4, pp. 2692-2698.




News, blogs and conferences


Maltego 4 - it's finally time...


Partnership provides earth observation data with wide applications


Real-time stream-processing of satellite imagery for time critical applications


Imminent legalisation of commercial “drone” use boosts UAV airshow


"Who are these people?!" -- exploring the community-driven NetBeans t-shirt


Announcement: Geomatics Indaba 2015 UAV Airshow


Drones a 'Game Changer' for SA Geomatics


Moving window display for Landsat 8


Maltego on NetBeans by PinkMatter


ESA SENTINEL-2 for Science Workshop


Landsat Technical Working Group #21 (LTWG#21)


Update from LGSOWG-40 Meeting


USGS Hosts the 20th Landsat Technical Working Group meeting


Why Is PinkMatter On NetBeans RCP 


NetBeans Platform Ribbon Bar Integration Tutorial


How to Create a Tabbed Toolbar on the NetBeans Platform


Best-practice Industry Experience: Application of Geo-intelligence to Mining Industry


Chris Böhme and Roelof Temmingh talk at IT-Defense about new Maltego

"Machines" that enables the user to automate transforms and monitor information in real-time.

Maltego machines at IT-Defense 2012


Pinkmatter attended the 40th Landsat Ground Station Operators Working Group Meeting held in Bali 2012


University of Pretoria Computer Science Project Day 2011

Many excellent projects were on display at this year's COS 301 Project Day at the University of Pretoria where Pinkmatter Solutions had the opportunity of sponsoring a prize. Congratulations to Team Blue Dimension for winning the prize for excellence in algorithmic innovation!


Pinkmatter and Werum at International Astronautical Congress 2011


20th Landsat Technical Working Group meeting


Maltego and the real world at IT-Defense

Chris Böhme and Andrew MacPherson present "Closer to home - Maltego and the real world" at IT-Defense 2011 in Germany.


Pinkmatter's tech at ISS World

Pinkmatter and Sandstone represent their Natural Language Processing techonolgy at ISS World Americas 2010 in Washington DC.


Pinkmatter's software at Electra Mining

Pinkmatter's mining safety and tracking software exhibited at Electra Mining Africa 2010.


Chris speaks at Netbeans training in Stellenbosch


Chris speaks at Netbeans training in Johannesburg


Interview: Intelligence Gathering Software on the NetBeans Platform


Commercial Data Mining Software on the NetBeans Platform

Yet another NetBeans Platform application comes from South Africa... the Maltego client, a "frontend used to graphically allow you to look at various inter-relationships between data".


BlackHat Europe drinks anyone?


Pinkmatter becomes Werum partner


Wireless technologies improve mine safety


Maltego knows what you did last summer...


RFID improves mine safety


Black Hat Europe, Day 4 (Finally): Early wake-up calls always lead to long days

"For those of you who had been reading my Day 1, Day 2/Day 3, and Day 2 revisited stories about Black Hat Europe here on ZDNet, I’m sure you were wondering what happened to Day 4, the second day of conferences..." - Nathan McFeters


Black Hat 2008 - Amsterdam


People that change the way we perceive the world

Maltego, Maltego will change the [online] world as we know it. What google once did to searching Maltego will do to finding...


The Cost of Networking @ Blackhat

Blog by Gunter Ollmann - Maltego at Blackhat 2008.


Pinkmatter develops barcode recognition and document sorting softwarer




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