Creating intelligent software to connect people to advanced Earth observation science & technology

Pinkmatter is a leading Earth observation software company servicing the global market, with offices located in South Africa, Canada and Germany.
Pinkmatter Solutions FarEarth

FarEarth for SmallSats

FarEarth for Ground Segments

FarEarth Observer

We offer ground segment and image processing software for SmallSats and Earth observation satellite missions.

Pinkmatter Solutions Antenna Hosting

Pinkmatter Antenna Hosting

We provide world-class antenna hosting facilities at our site near Pretoria, South Africa. A secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Pinkmatter Solutions Change Monitor for Mines

Change Monitor for Mines

Pinkmatter’s ChangeMonitor for mines is a specialized service for monitoring ground displacement, tailings, pond and ESG impact, using optical and radar satellite imagery.