Product level definitions


Small satellite image data received from a ground segment undergoes multiple processing stages to produce usable image data products. Each stage provides products with varying amounts of data manipulation and advancement toward a usable image.

Note: Pinkmatter uses the following definition for the product levels.

The processing level and output data formats can be tailored to operational requirements.

Pinkmatter Solutions FarEarth



Level 0 product ​


  • Image and ancillary data, such as attitude, ephemeris, scanline times, temperature, etc., from raw telemetry
  • Data integrity preserved
  • Pixels in DNs
  • For archive and internal processing


Level 1A product


  • RPC files
  • Conversion coefficients for at-sensor radiometric units per band
  • For archive and internal processing
  • Unprojected imagery


Level 1B product


  • Band-aligned
  • Refined RPC model (Orthorectification)
  • For archive, internal processing, and advanced use cases
  • Unprojected imagery


Level 1C product


  • Map projected, orthorectified image data in UTM/WGS84