Pinkmatter’s team of engineers, software developers and remote sensing experts use advance science and technology to develop Earth observation software. We serve the global market, with offices located in South Africa, Canada and Germany.

Pinkmatter was founded in 2002. We have extensive experience developing satellite image processing software, ground segment systems, and geospatial products and algorithms. Our FarEarth and ChangeMonitor suites covers everything from antenna and demodulator control to high-level analytics geospatial products. Our real-time software is capable of producing images within seconds from satellite acquisition, and is used by ground stations around the world.

Our most recent addition, FarEarth for SmallSats, is specifically tailored to the NewSpace market. It bridges the space to spatial divide, with high-quality scientific imagery products.

Where does the name Pinkmatter come from?

The “pink” refers to the English idiom of something being “in the pink”, meaning “in good health”. This is combined with grey matter, commonly used to describe the brain or your “thinking ability”. Therefore, Pinkmatter is all the healthy and rosy brainpower that we all have.

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