What is FarEarth for SmallSats?

FarEarth for SmallSats is a specialised image pre-processing software for small satellite Earth observation missions, offered as a managed cloud-based service.

Why do I need FarEarth for SmallSats?

FarEarth for SmallSats bridges the space to spatial gap, by providing a service to process raw, uncorrected data, into standard products. Imagery as received directly from satellites require a lot of processing and correction before providing useful data for downstream processing.

What are the different FarEarth for SmallSats options?

The Free version offers generic image correction, requiring no knowledge about the sensor or any calibration data. This allows you to explore the system and some features without any commitment.

FarEarth Enterprise version is an annual subscription. This is our flexible, scalable, bulk version, where we work with you to understand your specific sensor and data format needs. Regular calibration ensures the highest quality products and consistent results are delivered. Products are stored in an archive and are searchable.

What processing and corrections does FarEarth for SmallSats perform?

FarEarth for SmallSats Free offers generic geometric and terrain corrections as well as radiometric calibration. Images are manually uploaded for automated processing.

The Pathfinder version allows you to configure your own sensors characterisation for processing input. Images are manually uploaded for automated processing and stored for a limited time.

FarEarth Enterprise edition include your sensor specific characterisation and calibration data as part of the processing. Bulk data is automatically ingested and processed to produce a sensor specific corrected Level 1C product with metadata.

What are my payment options?
  • FarEarth for SmallSats Free: register for free, no credit card required.
  • FarEarth for SmallSats Pathfinder: register for free, pay online only for what you use (coming soon!)
  • FarEarth for SmallSats Enterprise: Contact us to discuss this flexible, scalable option available for rapid rollout with your new mission. [email protected]
Which image formats can be uploaded for processing?

Standard formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GeoTIFF can be uploaded for processing. FarEarth Enterprise version supports raw data uploads from multiple pick-up points.

Where and for how long does FarEarth for SmallSats keep my products?

FarEarth Free version will keep products for a limited time; we suggest you download your products to your device. As part of the FarEarth for SmallSats Enterprise subscription, you can configure how long your data should remain in the Archive and Catalogue. Delivery options are flexible.

Who is FarEarth for SmallSats for?

All satellites require pre-processing of their raw data to be usable in downstream applications. Customers and experts alike expect images to be calibrated and GIS-ready. Even for large classic satellites, operators do not distribute raw data as it has little analytical value. All data is radiometrically calibrated and geometrically corrected. Pre-processing is therefore essential for your SmallSat.